A World Where Scent, Ritual, & Culture Collide

our offerings

Eight Twelve is a concept shop offering indie home and body fragrances from origins near & far, new & familiar. Our assortment comprises perfume, candles, & incense created by underrated and emerging brands deeply inspired by a sense of home and heritage.

Our Intention

We aspire to connect scents that broaden and reclaim olfactory narratives with people seeking to enhance the joy, peace, & reverence in the spaces they occupy.

Our Name

Our name, Eight Twelve, reflects the alpha brain waves, a time and space when our minds aren’t inundated with stressors. This deep state of relaxation that ushers in the start and close of our days is when we engage in the most sensuous rituals. Among them is the use of scent. Perfume, candles, incense, and bath immersions are often used as bookends to our days and life’s most precious moments. This intimacy of home--both the physical abode and state of being--is what inspires our brand, and it is our hope that you feel seen, curious, and inspired. 

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